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LYOM technology

Tough and reliable; our de-watering units incorporate automatic polymer dosing systems and much more. Made as self-contained turn-key units on a custom design trailer or other which can be located within a building, portable or simply “outside”. LYOM is the best-in-class of pre-treatment clarifier for improving efficiencies.

Both options are designed for maximum operating efficiency and ease of maintenance complete and ready to use with all service connections. The reliability of LYOM de-watering fleet is further supported by engineers and technicians on a 24/7 basis.

Our technology offers low space, lower capital and running costs i.e. better Life Time Cost(LTC). Big advantages regarding conventional static, multi-basin aeration structures, flocculation, sedimentation and filtration for extracting non-potable water from waste-water.

LYOM has the expertise and experience to source and supply within a tight timescale for large, difficult and complicated projects, often mobilising plant and personnel within few days.

Some of the advantages with LYOM:
  • LYOM water have units of recycling up to 500 m3 /hour in a 40-ft container capacity- dry substance up to 6-10% Efficient Turbidity, TSS and heavy metals elimination and or reduction.
  • LYOM units work with low power requirement.
  • LYOM unit work with self contained generator item.
  • LYOM water have been granted patents in many continents.
A more detailed description of our technical solution

Before and after separation:

The result after treatment - live!

Maintenance and Technical Support

A comprehensive range of services are offered for all of the products supplied by LYOM Water including installation of new, used and refurbished equipment and 24 hour maintenance and after-sales support for own equipment.

High Quality De-watering

  • The technology is patented in EU/USA/India/China/SouthAfrica/Thailand.
  • Equipment is modular and have high throughputs and energy saving technology.
  • We produce mobile and stationery in standard shipping containers; 40’, 20’ and 10 ft.
  • Our machines have 10 years proven track records in a variety of applications in such as scrap yard, pulp and paper, sewage plant and poultry farm.

One of our mobile solutions.

For detailed information of our systems, applications, services, maintenance or rental please contact us.


We offer extensive full turnkey capability. Complete integrated plants can also be designed to meet customer requirements, such as:

  • Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning.
  • Training.
  • Service and repair.
  • Diagnostics and maintenance programmes.
  • Plant operation.
  • Machine rental/operation.

Operational services

Equipment can be manned using LYOM Water operators for up to 24 hours each day seven days a week – our operators are experts in their area.

Inlet and outlet in one of our customized projects.

Experienced experts

We are an experienced team of mechanical, electrical, process and project engineers. We therefore have the expertise and experience to source and supply within a tight time scale for large, difficult and complicated projects, often mobilising plant and personnel within few days.

Application in Waste Water from Mining

Incoming Outgoing
PB lead 64 0.0005
CD cadmium 1.7 0.0001
CR chromium 46 0.0011
CU copper 71 0.001
NI nickel 192 0.0056
ZN zinc 285 0.005
SN tin 68 0.0005
AS arsenic 6.5 0.00089
Alifater/Oil 1940 1.5
Acromaticx 10 0.34
PAH, CANC 110 0.001


Process flow

Installation overview

The waste that previously contaminated the water.
The clean water coming out.

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