Industrial pipe fittings for industrial use

Stainless steel is no longer needed.

Piping for tough environment, demanding conditions, maximum operational reliability and ease of installation.

A complete steel pipe systems are unbeatable in demanding industrial environments.

Because these steel pipe systems are developed to meet the tough demands of the marine environment, they are ideal in for example harbour installations, process industries, paper mills, refineries and the chemical industry.

Lightweight and strong

The corrosion-protected systems provide complete solutions including pipes, couplings and pipe fittings. Compare with other types of piping and you will quickly see a range of advantages with our FlowMax pipes.For example: lightweight handling, quick coupling, maintenance free and a surface coating that protects against corrosion and minimises the build-up of deposits.

Low flow resistance means lower operating costs

High strength steel and spiral welding enables decreased wall thickness and further many benefits:

  • Lower flow resistance due to the larger inner diameter and inner thermoplastic coating (TP).
  • The possibility of using pumps that draw less power - due to the lower flow resistance.
  • The potential to reduce the number of pumps in the system.

Fast and easy assembly = Short downtimes

Installation is straight-forward. No welding. No special tools. No time-consuming training. All you need are pipes, couplings and a spanner. Assembly goes at least ten times faster than with welding and is done entirely without special training or hot work. Surface coatings that protect against corrosion and wear. Piping systems in tunnels work in an exposed and aggressive environment. The FlowMax pipes are therefore supplied with different types of surface treatment to withstand for example wear, corrosion and chemicals. We'll provide you with the right surface treatment for the right application.

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