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LYOM Aquasystems deliver cutting edge technology anywhere in the world.
When clean water is a problem our technology is the solution. Use the icons
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Our partner network includes construction companies, consulting engineers, real estate developers and sales agents worldwide. Each one has become an LYOM partner for different reasons, but they all see the ability to offer their clients LYOM–powered water cleaning tech as key differentiation in a highly competitive market.

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About Lyom

  • Cutting edge technology

    Our technology offers efficient space, lower capital and running costs, i.e. better life time cost (LTC).

  • International projects

    Machines have 10 years proven track records in variety of applications in such as scrap yard, pulp and paper, sewage plant and poultry farm.

  • Customized solutions

    We produce mobile and stationery in standard shipping containers; 40, 20 and 10 feet.

  • Cost friendly

    Equipment is modular and have high throughputs and energy saving technology.

  • Patented worldwide

    The technology has patented in EU, USA, India, China, South Africa and Thailand.

  • For the love of earth

    We take responsibility; not only for the present, but also for coming generations.

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